FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Shorts - what size should I choose?


You will find a size chart in the profile of each shorts. Its dimensions indicate how much the rubber band can stretch. So measure yourself where you will wear the rubber band. It's the hips, not the waist.

Women's shorts - what's the difference?


Women's shorts have the same cut and material as men's. Their differences are 3 cm shorter panties and also a bow.

Jocks - what size should I choose?


Sports jockeys, as the name implies, are designed for sports activities. Therefore, their rubber bands are not too loose. This is to keep everything in place when playing sports.

If you prefer looser rubber bands, choose larger sizes.


Jocks - what is the size of the front pouch?


As it is an elastic material, the front pouch is wall-mounted for both sizes. So to a height of about 20 cm - measured with an elastic band at the waist. Its width is approx

17 cm - depends on the expansion of the rubber band.

If you need to adjust the size, do not hesitate to contact us, see the CONTACT link.


Can I return the goods?


Yes, you can return unworn goods within 14 days without giving reasons. Please, if you try the goods before returning, then only for underwear.


How do you send orders?


We send the package by Czech Post or Mail Order both for CZK 70. I can also send it to you by DPD courier for 150 CZK.

You will receive a link to the e-mail after sending the order to select a branch of the Mail Order.

You do not pay postage for orders over CZK 1,500.

Do you also send abroad?


Yes, we ship to all European countries. The postage is around 150 CZK.

How can I pay?


We recommend payment by card, as it is the easiest. However, you must have permission to pay by card at the bank. Don't worry, you will always receive a verification code on your mobile phone before payment.

You can also pay via PayPal. You can use the classic payment on account as an additional payment for the order. You will receive information about it after sending the order by e-mail.



I'm worried about prepay.


So you really don't have to have it. When paying by card or PayPal, the payment is sent to a third party and will only come to our account after the goods have been delivered. Of course, reduced by 3% for this service.